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730 Daleville Ave, Daleville, AL 36322

March 9-10th, 2024

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Image by Alex Kotliarskyi

eSports Tournament



Check out our Smash Bros tournament, and our multiple additional game competitions during the first day of our show, March 8th.

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Tezal-Con is a video game convention hosted by TezalCo Studios, a game development studio out of Alabama. In 2021 we set out on a mission, to bring the world of gaming to the Wiregrass. Ever since then we've been working on building ourselves up until the day that we could host a convention, born in our image. Now we have the honor to present you with Tezal-Con!

Join us, March 8-10, 2024, as we bring the ever expanding world of video games to the Wiregrass area! We have a lot planned for you all, from freeplay game rooms, to game development panels, a gaming themed cosplay competition and many more.

What Are We?

Come Join Us!

We're Excited To See You!

We are going to be located at the Daleville Cultural And Convention Center, March 8-10, 2024. 

Friday: 3PM - 1øPM

Saturday: 12PM - 1øPM

Sunday: 12PM - 8PM

Weekend: $15

Friday: $10
Saturday: $10

Sunday: $8
4 and under enter free.

Special Thanks

This event was made possible with their help and consultation. 
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