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Interested in running a booth?

Well here's all the info you're gonna need.
Vendor days are ONLY the 8th and 9th of February.


1. All vendors must complete, sign, and return the Tezal-Con vendor application in order to be approved. Applying does not guarantee approval. Upon approval Applicants will be sent an approval email. Required payment must be fulfilled within seven business days from the time of approval in order to secure a spot. Failure to send appropriate payment will result in being skipped. 

2. While the playing of audio and audio devices are permitted, it must be appropriate and any sound should be limited to your booth's immediate area. Audio should not flood into other Vendor's space. If your playing of audio is found to be in violation of either you will be asked to turn it off. 

3. The use of adhesives and/or posting of any materials on the floors, walls, or any other surface without permission is strictly prohibited. Any damages caused to Tezal-Con, or Center property, including that of damage to any surfaces by adhesives, tacks, or other hanging materials will be charged to the responsible parties, and posted materials will be removed immediately. This includes anything attached to vendors' tables. Painters Tape and Command Strips may be used. Please contact Tezal-Con staff before the show regarding questions. 

4. The sale of any prohibited items is strictly forbidden, without permission. This includes but is not limited to functional projectile weapons, metal blades weapons, blunt weapons, anything that wouldn't get through weapon check, alcohol, drugs, any illegal items, political materials, material pertaining to controversial subject matter, etc. 

5. Only sealed, packaged, non-perishable food items may be sold by vendors. Please consult with hosts prior. 

6. All adult themed material must not be publicly displayed, and must be covered and marked as such at the vendor's table. Such material should only be displayed or sold to customers over the age of 18. Adult-themed material includes pornographic literature, photography, images, DVDs, and comics, as well as any other sexually explicit content. It is the responsibility of the vendor to ID all customers purchasing adult-themed materials.

7. All Vendors are responsible for obtaining all licenses and insurance and remitting their own taxes. Tezal-Con and its associates are not responsible for how you conduct your business, and we are not to be held responsible for any damage, theft, or loss caused. 

8. Tezal-Con does not permit the subletting or combining of booths/badges, without prior permission by host. If caught, both vendors will be escorted off property and will not be refunded.

9. Electricity and other utilities are not guaranteed at your booth. If you'd like to have access to such utilities request so in your application. This does not guarantee they will be provided. 

10. The minimum age to rent a booth is 19. Underage individuals must have their spot rented and maintained by a legal guardian. All booths should be reasonably manned, by an adult, and used during convention operating hours.  Teardown may not begin until after operating hours have passed, unless otherwise told.
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* All sizes are approximate

Artist Booth
General Booth
Premium Booth
All rentals are for the 8th and 9th of February, 2025.

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