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Event Policies

General Policies

- Tezal-Con is a rain or shine event.

- All line-ups, panels, events, etc. are subject to change.

- Bag/Weapon checking may be required, and access may be limited. 

- Travel in-and-out of the event is allowed, though you may be subject to further security checks.

- No unauthorized selling of any kind.

- Harassment of any kind will not be permitted, we here at Tezal-Con have zero tolerance for such behavior.

- Parking is not included on any ticket plan. There is public, free parking at and around the center. 

- By entering the event you agree to allow  photography and videography of yourself and your likeness, and give permission to the event to use such materials in the future.

- Violation of any stated policy may end in you being removed from the event without refund. Tezal-Con reserves the right to eject anyone from the convention at anytime for any reason without a refund.
Most importantly remember, when interacting with Cosplayers...
Cosplay is not consent

Cosplay Policies

- All cosplays must be able to safely fit through a standard door's size. If you have concerns or questions please contact the host. 

- Any and all props may be inspected at anytime. Permitting such items into the convention is at the sole discretion of the host and staff, regardless of listed weapon policies. 

- If this wasn't already clear, absolutely no real weapons are allowed inside the event. 

- A level of "decency" must be retained whilst attending. Nothing less than a standard bikini level of clothing is allowed. 

- Nothing that emits a substance or effect is permitted, this includes but is not limited to an odor, fog, mist, gas, flame, etc.

- All weapons must be non-working, checked by con staff, and peace bonded. It is upon the attendee to ensure their prop is inspected and approved prior to entering the convention arena. Do not bring weapons that Tezal-Con staff/Police cannot tell are fake from approximately ten feet away. Tezal-Con has the right to declare any weapon inappropriate and/or dangerous.

- Red/Orange tips are required for prop firearms. 

- Tezal-Con does not allow any functional projectile weapons or projectiles of any kind. 
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